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Revolutionising product CO2 and cost management in the manufacturing industry.

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What we do

TL;DR: Our software helps companies to figure out and reduce cost and CO2 footprint of products they manufacture.

More than 70% of cost and pricing in manufacturers’ portfolios is not benchmarked due to the lack of resources and expertise.

Enterprises commit to CO2 neutrality but do not have the tools to actually reflect their complete manufacturing CO2 footprint.

TSET is a software development company developing a SaaS for manufacturing industries, such as automotive. Our goal is to enable and streamline cost calculation and CO2 transparency within the manufacturing supply chain.


Data-driven software platform enabling automated and on-the-fly manufacturing simulations of cost and CO2 data simultaneously.

Developed by mathematicians, software engineers and manufacturing experts.

Combined with a powerful measure-tracking application powered by a service team of industry veterans to ensure customer satisfaction.


To enable large-scale, unbiased simulations of product cost and CO2 in the manufacturing industry.

How TSET works

User sets economical assumptions and describes part geometry using state-of-the-art UX.

TSET Calculation Engine generates the optimized manufacturing process for given inputs.

Detailed cost and CO2 breakdowns are presented in an interactive way and can be analysed by the user.

Who we are

We are diverse

We are diverse - combining the power of employees from more than 15 nations and collaborating with a variety of disciplines, ranging from mathematics, software and design to mechanical and manufacturing engineering.

We challenge

We challenge old and complex patterns to create streamlined and simpler ones. We strive to improve established softwares, bring transparency into manufacturing and enable positive impact on the environment.

We define

We are playful yet practical and we define what we do.

We create an experience together - both for our customers and our employees.

How we work

Choose your weapons

We are convinced that everyone can deliver the best results in their preferred environment while using the tools they like. 

When joining TSET, you can freely decide which hardware, operating system, IDE and editor you want to use to reach your full potential.

Learn & Apply

We host lightning talks and knowhow exchanges to share our knowledge internally.

We give back what we learn by presenting at community Meet-Ups; for example, we have given talks about our custom feature branch deployment infrastructure or committing fixes to the terraform plugins we use.

Your opinion counts

Regular retrospectives are just the beginning for us. We are serious about processing all feedback diligently and hassle-free. 

This already led to reworking of full toolchains, office space refactoring and deciding on available drinks in the company fridge! :)

Optimised benefits at TSET

For your Mind

To enhance and continue your professional & personal development we happily support you with tools and courses that cater to your level and professional interests. Internally, we regularly organise Knowledge exchanges. And for our international colleagues, we support German classes as well.

For your Body

Keep being strong and healthy and have fun outside the office too. Our company events often involve an "active" component - hiking, goKarting or bowling to name a few. And for after work activities, you can join yoga, rock climbing or fitness training or come up with your own idea - we welcome new suggestions.

For your Soul

On top of five weeks of vacation, you will get additional days-off and completely flexible working hours to fit your individual needs. You can work from home or our comfortable Vienna office - it is up to you!

For your Stomach

At the office, you can refuel during the day. From great coffee, fresh fruit, a variety of snacks, to team lunches and company dinners to a wide range of soft drinks. And we are of course not forgetting about beers in our beer fridge for some afterwork bonding :)

Join us

We are a fast-growing and fun-loving B2B SaaS startup in the heart of Vienna.

Did not find a perfect open position to fit you? No worries: curiosity and drive matter far more!
Send us your CV and a few lines about what you would like to do and what you are good at here.